Marigold Wellbeing Centre

We support people with cancer and other chronic conditions by complementing conventional medical care.

The center will be closed until further notice due to Coronavirus.

Our approach is to complement and enhance the effectiveness of orthodox medical care. Many people who have adopted this type of approach have discovered that the side effects sometimes associated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy have been greatly reduced.

We are located at the The Day Therapy Unit at Saint Michael’s Hospice, Harrogate, and meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the month (11.00am until 4.00pm). Do bring someone along to share the day with you. Support and help for carers, family and friends is an important aspect of the programme.

The Marigold Wellbeing Centre is a non-profit making registered charity. Our services are free of charge after an initial registration fee.

Refreshments and a light lunch are provided for a small contribution.

Until April 2013 we were called Yorkshire Cancer Help Centre.

Contact Us

  • Karen 01937 573 166
  • Maggie 01756 730489


The center will be closed until further notice due to Coronavirus.


The centre is run by volunteers and therefore the type of therapies varies from one meeting to the next, although we do try and cover a broad spectrum.

A selection of treatments you might find at the centre upon your visit:


These sessions are confidential and provide a ‘safe space’ to talk about your feelings, concerns and experiences. Also to learn how to handle your situation in ways which support your feeling of well being and healing.


Spiritual Healers are also available to all at the centre. In our experience visitors, regardless of any beliefs, find these sessions relaxing and beneficial. These sessions can work at a very deep level releasing emotions that have may have become obstacles to personal growth and healing.

Further Treatments

Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology

Friends and Family

We encourage people to bring along a family member or close friend. We offer everyone the same attention and access to therapies when available.


Saint Michael's Hospice Day Therapy Unit Crimple House Hornbeam Park Avenue Harrogate HG2 8QL

Free parking is available on site.


The easiest way to donate a small amount on a regular basis is by using Direct Debit. Simply complete the form in the 'How you can Help' leaflet, and return to the Centre or send to the name and address inside the leaflet. A big thank you to all who have chosen to set up this system of donation to us.

To request a leaflet, contact us.


If you are interested in helping then please get in touch with us. Then you can come along to a day and see if you like it. If you would like to help we will add you to the schedule.